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Winter 2023

Daniels’ Donuts is now open at Burwood One! 

Open 7am – 9pm daily and located near Coles.

The Daniels Story

From small beginnings, when he baked donuts in his parents’ bakery at Hogan’s Corner whilst he was still in primary school, Daniel started a craze for donuts by introducing the famous hazelnut donut, selling thousands of donuts a day (using 2.4 tonnes of hazelnut spread a week) making it the busiest bakery in the western suburbs.

Daniel opened his flagship store, Daniel’s Donuts in Springvale, in 2016 where he continued the trend of introducing new flavours and standing out from the crowd with 24/7 operating hours. Daniel’s Donuts now sell over 50 different flavoured donuts, including Vegan and Gluten Free donuts.

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