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Tai Chi & Tea

Tai Chi & Tea

FREE Thursday Tai Chi sessions at Burwood One Shopping Centre.

Held from 8am – 9am each Thursday, hosted by Qilin School of Tai Chi Chuan.

FREE to attend.

Location is the mall out the front of KaiserCraft, which is just near the Food Court - look out for the sign on the day.

*Sessions will continue through the school holidays.


What is Tai Chi?

Tai Chi is a Chinese martial art known for its slow movements and graceful postures. Also known as ‘meditation in motion’. There are different elements to Tai Chi practice including Form (sequence of postures), Qi Gong (breathing exercises) Meditation (focus) Push hands (exercise with a partner) and Martial arts (self-defence and swordsmanship).

The Tai Chi sessions at Burwood One will:

  • teach Tai Chi classical movement, breathing exercises, and simple meditation skills.
  • explore different elements of Tai Chi benefit health and wellbeing.
  • provide a light exercise session to focus and energise.


Who can join?

Anyone can learn Tai Chi! Our motto is ‘all ages, all abilities’, including children who are able to take instruction. We believe that joining in and moving around is good for you, and fun for everyone! Qilin School of Tai Chi Chuan


What are the benefits?

  • A very accessible form of exercise, that you can do anywhere, without special clothing, equipment or floor mats.
  • Provides a mental break from work, life, and other duties, providing some "me time" to focus on something entirely different.
  • Improves strength, balance, coordination and body awareness.
  • Can be practiced for health, sport or leisure, or studied as a martial art.
  • Can greatly benefit the management of health conditions.


What if I love it?

In addition to the morning class at Burwood One, you can join other classes in the same Tai Chi style and lineage, locally.

These have extended curriculums that build on the techniques and principles you can learn at Burwood One.

Here's a link > 


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